Monthly Archives: October 2016


I have been writing this blog for a month now, and I’m still yet to decide what will be the actual theme I will write about. So far I have only managed to find a purpose for this, which is to force myself to write more often and to practice English. But selecting a theme […]


“Why do you run?” This question was presented to me by a young girl waiting for a bus with her family, while I ran past them. I didn’t stop there to give her an explanation for my tendency to run often, not because I didn’t have time for it, but mainly because I didn’t know […]


Setting yourself a goal and creating a plan to achieve it, is one of the best ways to improve yourself on something and to gain experiences. Neither the goal, or the plan have to be exact and strict, but having them makes it easier to get up and start working towards something. The decision to […]