I have been writing this blog for a month now, and I’m still yet to decide what will be the actual theme I will write about. So far I have only managed to find a purpose for this, which is to force myself to write more often and to practice English. But selecting a theme to write about seems to be quite important according to most of the guides written about blogging. Apparently it is recommended to pick a subject you know about, and to concentrate on that mostly.

I made a list of my areas of expertise to choose from.

  • Sleeping
  • Running
  • E-sports
  • Climbing
  • Eating
  • Reading
  • Watching TV-series and movies
  • Firefighting
  • Video games
  • PC-Hardware
  • Making excuses and avoiding responsibilities

Perhaps one of these could be the main theme for this blog in the future, and I could still occasionally write about my other interest also, or even create separate blogs for each one of them. But, even if those are my areas of expertise, I feel like I don’t actually know any of them well enough, to be able to write more than a few posts. Luckily, there is one subject I happen to know a lot about, that could easily tie all this together and also allow me to practice my vocabulary on each of these interesting subjects.


So far I have mostly written about me, even if I have attempted to write about something completely different. For instance, I attempted to write about running, and the health benefits and joy to be had if you exercise by running. But, if you have read the post, you can see that I ended up mostly writing about how I started to run and why I run. Perhaps this is the easiest way for me to approach a subject. Explaining why I do something or why do I find certain subjects interesting. I had planned to write guides or articles about running or climbing for instance, or a guide on how to build a PC, but I feel like if anyone would really like to learn about those things, they should just read a proper guide written by a real expert or watch a video from Youtube.

Also, if I accept the fact that I should just write about these subjects from my point of view, I will be able to add more pictures to my posts. Yes, adding pictures, something that I’ve been hoping to be able to do. Since if I would have started to seriously blog about a certain subject, I wouldn’t have wanted to ruin the reading experience by adding bad quality pictures taken with the camera of my phone. But if I just write about the experiences I’ve had and feelings I have towards a subject, I can freely add a casual picture taken by me, even if the image quality may be a bit lacking.

I’ve been also hoping to be able to write shorter and more casual posts, but for some reason I haven’t been able to do that either yet. The quality of writing may suffer from doing this, but this way I will be able to post something more often. I may also post random scenes, dialogues or even short stories, as a way of practicing writing, so don’t be surprised if this happens.

Pictures, shorter posts, more stuff, unpredictability. This is how I will continue perhaps.


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