Something has happened to me, and it is quite possibly completely my fault. I’ve gained weight. A lot of weight. Exactly one year ago I weighed 72 kg, and now, 82 kg. Apparently, in some primitive countries they use stones as a unit of weight.  I presume that you cannot pick any stone to use for weighing, since if I understand correctly, the weight of a stone depends quite heavily on its size. I’m not even sure, where the lines between a stone and a rock, or a stone and sand is drawn. So, there is quite possibly “the stone” somewhere to rule them all. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this stone is physically located somewhere near the mummified remains of “the foot”.

It would probably take less than 17 seconds to confirm my suspicions on this matter, but as a busy man, I don’t have time to spare for such things.

Weight, yes, 10 kg in one year. All this, even when I’ve kept running and climbing quite actively all throughout the year. My wife suggested that it is possible, that it may all be just muscle mass. But, I believe it is quite unlikely to suddenly gain a lot of muscle while exercising in exactly the same way, I’ve exercised for the last 5 years. Looking at the mirror seems to confirm this theory of mine.

So, there appears to be only one explanation left for the gained weight. Fat. Gained by consuming too much unhealthy and delicious delicacy. Overall, my diet should be quite healthy, since my wife loves cooking, and the food she cooks is almost always quite healthy. But apparently, a healthy diet and lot’s of exercise are not enough to keep your weight in control, if you mindlessly consume all the chocolate, sweets, pastries and cookies you come by. Alcohol probably hasn’t helped either.

So, will I now abandon all the unhealthy stuff from my diet for the rest of the year, or for some other predetermined time period? Probably not, since I really, really like chocolate, sweets, pastries, cookies and alcohol. But will I in some way limit the amounts of such things? Hopefully, otherwise, I might gain a few stones again within the next year.

We’ll see how it goes.

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