I did it!

I created a blog in my native language, wrote something funny and people liked it. Well, some people at least. I think. Or, they possibly just tried to be nice to me by saying nice things. Need to read the comments and analyze them again. They could’ve also been just sarcastic and I didn’t understand it. But anyway, I wrote something in Finnish. I have already a lot of ideas to write about, mainly something funny, that I’m getting quite excited about it. But I perhaps need to calm down for a while to avoid wasting any of the ideas too hastily. Getting over excited and rushing things can often result in mistakes that could have been avoided with a bit of patience and planning.

I also finally finished Joe Abercrombie’s Sharp ends. A great book from a great writer. I read most of it in one day in October and then took a short 3-month break before finishing the last few stories from it. This tends to happen to me quite often with short story collections. My breaks from things usually end up lasting a lot longer than I anticipate. Perhaps I should take a break from taking breaks. That should do it.

I also finally managed to convince my wife to try climbing for the first time and to start watching Game of Thrones. Since she only has one arm that she can use for climbing, it is a lot more difficult to her than to “normal” people. But, as always, it didn’t really stop her and she actually enjoyed it and got quite excited about it too. Game of thrones wasn’t her thing, though. Apparently too much violence and female nudity.

So, a lot of very important things done that I’ve been planning to do for a good while now. Now that the year started with such great accomplishments so early on, who knows what the rest of it has to offer. A few breaks perhaps.


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