“What to do next?” This is the question I’ve been trying to find the answer ever since I graduated from the firefighter academy, even though I was lucky enough to be employed immediately after graduating. Now, why would I ask myself such a question when there is nothing wrong with my current job? The fitness […]

So how did I become a firefighter then? By applying to the firefighter academy, succeeding in the entrance exam and eventually by graduating. But this wasn’t the hard part. Even though, in order to graduate you have to survive all the testing that some sadistic maniac has come up with. This includes lots of physical and […]

I couldn’t decide, whether I should write about my work and future plans for working, or about my education and my plans for education. So I decided to combine those things since they are quite heavily attached to each other. But of course, before telling about my plans for the future, it is quite important to […]

I attempted to give a small introduction of myself in my first post, but as usually, I ended up setting a goal that I failed to achieve, but I will try again with this one. Since the purpose of this blog is mainly to learn better English, and especially to learn to write better English, […]

I will use this first blog post of mine to explain the reasons for me to start writing a blog, and maybe even give some kind of a small introduction of myself and my interests, even though I have always had small problems at giving proper introductions. I usually end up talking nonsense and making silly […]